I said to myself and spoke about it a little bit on my Instagram (@brxwnin_) that my word for 2019 is consistency. I introduced a few new lifestyle habits into my life in 2018; however, I wasn’t as consistent with them as I should’ve been. Today I wanted to share with you, what they were and the benefits of each of them.

Read More Books – 📖

Read more books is the first habit I want to discuss (because would I even be a book blogger if I didn’t lmaooo). Reading is a very very good habit and if you don’t read/read regularly, then you seriously need to join the club. Aside from it being fun, there are so many additional benefits to reading. For starters, reading books can provide you with an abundance of knowledge. Anything you want to know, guaranteed there is a book you can read about it. Reading everyday can help to expand your vocabulary, it can help improve your writing skills, it’s mentally stimulating, it can help improve your levels of focus/concentration, it can help reduce stress levels and a lot of book covers are aesthetically pleasing and would make great decor for your coffee tables, so there’s that lmaoo 🤷🏾‍♀️.


Last year I set myself a reading goal, which was to read 30 books throughout the year and I ended up reading a total of 31 books 🎉 *pats myself of the back*. This year I have a new reading goal, which is to read 40 books and to read more non-fiction books, specifically self-help/business books and biographies.  I feel like books within those genres help me learn new skills/habits to incorporate into my life and whilst reading them, I feel really motivated to just go out there and achieve all my goals (#securethebagsis 🤑). But yes, reading is something you should make a daily habit 100%.

If you would like some book recommendations, then click here  to read my last post where I suggested 5 books that you should read this year.

Meditate – 🧘🏾‍♀️

Meditation has so many benefits and should definitely be practiced every day. Meditation is a powerful practice that creates a sense of stillness in our minds. As we sit down or lay down and just breathe, we get to be the observer of our minds. Instead of analyzing and attaching emotions to our thoughts, we simply let the thoughts flow through our minds and observe. This practice helps us to remain present, which also help reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Daily practice can also strengthen our ability to focus, it can help us to gain clarity and peace of mind, our levels of creativity increase, we become more open to new ideas and information. Honestly, the list of benefits is endless.

Meditation really did help me in 2018 (on the days that I actually did it lmaoo), but I never made the time to practice it daily, which was foolish I know lmaoo, but it is definitely a practice that will become part of my daily routine and should become apart of yours too.

Gratitude – 🙏🏾

I spoke about the ways to practice gratitude a few blog posts back (you can read it here) and it is something that I want to continue doing, not only in 2019 but for the rest of my life. Practicing gratitude is a great way to keep ourselves grounded, keep ourselves in the present moment and to really take the time to appreciate what/who we have in our lives. Practicing gratitude can make us optimistic, can reduce stress/anxiety and it helps us put things into perspective.

Practicing gratitude is something that I (and you too!) will make a daily habit

Write things down – 📝

Write things down. Write everything down. Write down your thoughts and feelings, in a journal; write down your to-do list each day. Writing things down can help you keep your life together, literally. It will help you stay organised and help you keep track of the things you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It’s important to be organised and know what you’re doing so that you can be as productive as possible and make the most out of every day (we leavin’ procrastination in 2018 honeyy).

Write down your ideas and goals, in a notebook or create a vision board (which I highly recommend). You need to put what you want out there into the universe, so you can attract it and manifest it. It’s also good to write down your ideas/goals so that you don’t forget them, because nothing is more frustrating than having a great idea or thought pop into your head and you forget it because you didn’t write it down.

This became a habit for me more towards the end of last year and it really did help me, especially writing a to-do list each week because I found myself procrastinating a lot and once I started organising my time properly, I noticed that I was getting more done each day. Additionally, I found that keeping a journal became very useful and stress-relieving for me. Once I put everything onto the page, I felt lighter and it helped me put things into perspective. It’s kind of therapeutic and I highly recommend.

So those are the 4 habits that I’m trying to incorporate more into my everyday life and I recommend that you do to. I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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