What is a vision board and why you need one in your life:

A vision board is a visual representation of the reality you are going to manifest. It is a collection of images that represent the goals you want to achieve either long term or short term.

Vision boards are a great tool to use to help us achieve our goals because they enable us to have our goals laid out in front of us to look at every day. By keeping the clear image of what we want in our minds, we start to envision ourselves achieving those goals along with the feelings/emotions associated with that achievement. This results in our subconscious minds doing everything in its ability to make these visualisations a reality (the same concept used for positive affirmations).

How to create a vision board:

  1. First things first, be clear with your goals. What is it that you actually want to achieve? It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals may seem, if it’s something you want to achieve add it to your board
  2. Be specific. If one of your goals is to get a new car, find a picture of the exact car you want, the model, the colour etc. You should also include the feeling you hope to get once you achieve your goal, for example, with my vision board I wrote a positive affirmation on the back of each image describing how I would feel once I achieved that goal.
  3. Once you have decided what your goals are, you can find pictures to put on your board. Pictures can come from anywhere, online, magazines or you can take pictures yourself. It’s your board, do what you want lmaoo
  4. There are two ways to actually create the vision board. You can create it digitally, by making a collage out of the images you saved and then setting it as your background image on your phone and/or laptop. You can also create a physical vision board (which is more fun, in my opinion). After you find the pictures you want to use, organise and size them on a word document and then print them out. Most people use A3 card to stick their pictures on, but you can also use a notebook or just find a space on your wall and stick the pictures there. I used the wall space around my mirror so that every time I look in the mirror, I am the centre of my goals, I am surrounded by my reality (#deep I know lmaoo).
An example of a vision board – image via pinterest:                                                                                 

Remember: Whatever you decide to create your vision board on, the most important thing is to make sure that it’s in a visible place so that you can see it clearly at any time e.g. your bedroom, your office, if it’s in a notebook then carry that notebook around with you.

How to use your vision board:

Once you have created your vision board, look at it daily (even multiple times a day). It should be a daily reminder of what you are working towards and should motivate you to keep grinding. Even though you are working towards the things you want to achieve, don’t forget to show gratitude and appreciation to where you are right now. Don’t feel like you can’t be happy or fulfilled until to tick off everything on your board, enjoy the whole journey.

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