What A Time To Be Alone – Chidera Eggerue
Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help
Pages: 192
Release Date: August 2018
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

In What A Time To Be Alone, The Slumflower will be your life guru, confidante and best friend. She’ll show you that being alone is not just okay: it’s just about the best freaking thing that’s ever happened to you. As she says, ‘You’re bad as hell and you were made with intention.’ It’s about time you realised.
Peppered with insightful Igbo proverbs from Chidera’s Nigerian mother and full of her own original artwork, What A Time To Be Alone will help you navigate the modern world. We can all decide our own fates and Chidera shows us how, using a three-part approach filled with sass, wisdom and charm.
Learn how to celebrate YOU – decide your self-worth, take time to heal and empower yourself in this messy world. Don’t worry about THEM – avoid other people’s demons and realize that everyone is protecting themselves from something – no matter how aggressive their method. Feel the togetherness in US – sustain and grow healthy relationships and avoid toxicity in your friendships. Own your story. Create your own narrative. Read this book. #WATTBA

I enjoyed reading this book. Overall, I feel like it was a very nicely designed and put together book that offered some very good life advice. I liked the overall message of taking the time to get to know and love yourself. I feel like it’s an important message that needs to be shared and understood.

What stood out most to me about this book (and what I enjoyed the most) were the graphics. The way this book is designed makes it your not-so-typical self help book. It features the authors original artwork, which was really cool to see and it also features Igbo proverbs throughout the book, some of which I found very insightful. I thought that the creative and cultural touches really added to the book and made it very authentic.

As for the content, the advice that she shares aren’t really things that I’ve never heard before, but it’s the type of advice that you can never hear enough. This book for me was a reminder of why I’m doing what I’m doing and it gave me the motivation I needed to continue healing and growing on my journey, which I appreciated a great deal. Although the advice wasn’t exactly new information, she still touched on some important topics that everyone can benefit from reading, even if they’ve heard it before. E.g. knowing your self-worth, self-love, putting yourself first, not comparing yourself to others.

‘Your victim mentality is why you are stagnant.
Once a reach a point where you stop feeling like a victim and more like a student of life, your life becomes more meaningful. You need YOU more than you need anyone else. Sympathy feels really good when you’re caught up in self-destruction, but anytime i find myself slipping into my toxic victim mentality, i remind myself. Whatever happens to me, i’m in control.’

I liked that the book touched on a variety of different topics, but I did feel like some parts lacked depth and the book was spilt into 3 different sections, yet I found some parts of the book very jumpy and unorganised. For example, there was one page that spoke about not being afraid to try new things and to just go for it, and then the next page was about racism and white privilege. Both topics are important, but it didn’t seem to flow when I was reading it.

Another thing that I didn’t enjoy about this book, which is going to sound very silly, was that it didn’t have any page numbers…like it sounds silly I know, but as an avid reader and bookworm, it stressed me out, probably more than it should have, to see a book with no page numbers. I didn’t know how much I needed them until they weren’t there 😭 lmaooo.

To conclude, if you are going into this book expecting brand new, groundbreaking advice/information, then you may find yourself disappointed. However, if you find that you read self help books not only to learn new information, but also as way to give yourself that extra boost and motivation that you need from time to time, you may find this book helpful as the combination of aesthetically pleasing graphics and tumblresque motivational quotes make for a great pick me up. I would also recommend this book to anyone who is new on their self-care journey and/or likes to read self-help books, as I think this book would make a great start.

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