Self love is something that everyone talks about and encourages. You see quotes on social media and you hear people say things like: ‘you need to show yourself love’, ‘you need to love yourself, before you can love anyone else’, ‘#selflove’ and so on. While these things are true, I feel like there’s more of a focus on ‘you need to love yourself’ than there is on how to actually practice self love. It’s all good and well telling me self love is important, but how do I actually do that lol? The past few months I’ve really started to take my journey of getting to know myself and love myself more seriously and I wanted to talk about some of the ways that I practice self-love.

I’m treating this blog post as a letter from me to me, as a reminder to keep consistent in my efforts to grow and become the best version of me. I also hope that anyone who reads this finds this helpful in anyway.

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Here are my top 4 acts/practices of self-love:

  • Keeping a journal.

Personally, I find journaling a great way of getting to know myself. I use journaling prompts when I write, and it allows me to be open, honest and unfiltered when I answer questions about myself. I feel like I’ve learnt (and I am still learning) more about myself since I’ve started journaling. In addition to that, just having a space where I can write freely about my thoughts and feelings is almost therapeutic. Writing helps keep me put things into perspective and prevents me from over thinking myself into a bad mood lmaoo.

*click here to see an example of some journaling prompts*

  • Self forgiveness

Playing a situation over and over and over in your head or wishing you would’ve done or said something differently isn’t going to change the reality of the situation, it’s more or less self torture. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you may have made in the past, and most importantly, learn from them. Mistakes are made so that you can learn from them and grow from them. Take the lesson from the situation, apply it to your life and move on. You cannot move forward if you are constantly looking back on the past; let it go. There’s no need to beat yourself up about it. Your mistakes do not define you.

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  • Positive self talk

Positive self talk is important. The way you talk to yourself, about yourself matters. The energy you put out into the universe is what comes back to you. Negative talk about yourself, about anything, is only going to attract more negative energy into your life. Uplift yourself, show yourself love. Be your biggest fan and your main source of motivation.

Positive affirmations are your best friend. They really help incorporate positivity into your life. Look at them every day; hang them around your room, around your mirror. Meditate on them.

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  • Don’t compare yourself to anybody

In this day and age with social media being such a huge part of everybody’s lives, it’s very easy to look at someone, especially people within our own age group, and feel like they are 50 steps ahead of us. It’s easy to feel like we’re behind or not doing enough. First of all, please remember that people only show what they want you to see on social media and not everything is what is seems. Second of all, please remember that everybody is on their own journey, everybody is on their path. You can’t compare somebody’s end result to your beginning. All the energy and time you’re wasting by comparing yourself to others, channel it to yourself. Just remain focused on your vision; keep striving towards achieving your own goals and dreams, don’t worry about anybody else. Your only competition should be yourself.

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